How are funds made available to the projects we support?

When appropriate funds are transferred directly from Rice For Cambodia Australian bank account into Cambodian bank accounts for either Life and Hope Association or Shinta Mani Foundation.

Where are the school uniforms and rice purchased?

We purchase the rice from a local mill in Siem Reap.

The school uniforms are made at the LHA sewing centre (which we helped to set up in 2006). This not only provides village children with their uniforms enabling them to attend school but provides training and income for the students at the sewing centre.

How much rice does a family eat each month?

A family of four typically consume 30 kilos of rice per month

How can I help?

Please sign up for our newsletter, where you will find details of upcoming events you can patronize, or make a donation of either cash or an item we can raffle or auction.

To make a donation, please visit the Donations page on this site.

What controls do you have on your accounts?

Accounts are reviewed and consolidated by independent accountants on an annual basis.

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