How are funds made available to the projects we support?

Based on our fundraising forecast, monthly allocations are agreed with each project. Funds are then transferred directly from our Australian account to the Cambodian Bank accounts for each project.

Where are the school uniforms and rice purchased?

We purchase the rice from a local mill in Siem Reap.

The school uniforms are made at the LHA sewing centre (which we helped to set up in 2006). This not only provides village children with their uniforms enabling them to attend school but provides training and income for the students at the sewing centre.

How long does a tonne of rice last?

A tonne of rice will feed 80 children for 20 days

What sustainability projects do you fund?

Fish farm, chicken farm & veggie garden at Green Gecko
Micro Businesses for Green Gecko Families
Building Projects (GG Families learn building skills whilst building shelters)
Providing money for seeds so the children can grow their own vegetables,
Apsara dance program at Sanghkuem Centre for Children (Children not only learn cultural dance but earn money from performing)
Agriculture training
Sewing and craft centre (to start in November 2011)

How can I help?

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To make a donation, please visit the Donations page on this site.

What controls do you have on your accounts?

Accounts are reviewed and consolidated by independent accountants on an annual basis.

Latest Updates

Green Gecko's first haul of fish from their fish farm was enough to feed 32 families.

The Sustainable Community Project will bring agricultural skills to the families and sewing and craft skills to the women.

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