About Us

Board Members

  • Lawrie Leeman: Chair-Director
  • Phil Aston: Vice-Chair-Director
  • Chris Morphet: Secretary-Director
  • John Morphet: Treasurer-Director
  • Sue Aston: Fundraising Coordinator-Director
  • Robyn Leeman: Director

Our Commitment

  • To fund the Sustainable Community Project, led by Life and Hope Association
  • To identify needs of the targeted community we are working with in Angkor Thom District, Siem Reap, to improve their standard of living
  • To work alongside the Life and Hope Association and the villagers to assist their transition to sustainable living


  • Clearly defined recipients
  • 100% of donations go direct to recipients, no middlemen
  • No Administration or Fund Raising Expenses taken from project donations accounts
  • Transparent Financial Dealings
  • All purchases made in Siem Reap where possible
  • Provide a future for the children of Siem Reap through sustainability projects

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