Rice for Cambodia

Making a diference

Rice for Cambodia

Making a difference

Rice for Cambodia

Making a difference

NOTE:  From 20th March 2014 donations over $2 are tax deductable

Rice For Cambodia Australia Inc.

Making a Difference


Rice for Cambodia was formed by a group from the Mornington Peninsula who saw a need to help orphans in Siem Reap, Cambodia. The project commenced in July 2003 when two of our group visited Angkor Watt and came across an Orphanage in need of assistance. This led to a subsequent visit in April 2004 by a group of 14, taking books, clothing medical supplies and of course cash to buy rice and school supplies locally. Rice for Cambodia is a registered as a Fundraiser in the state of Victoria Australia. All monies donated for rice go directly to the children, no middlemen or expenses other than bank fees. We do have a separate account for administration costs which you can also choose to donate to.

The Green Gecko Project

Kim Suan’s Story


The Green Gecko Project is a home, school and family for 70 children who previously lived and begged on the streets of Siem Reap, Cambodia.

Find out where the Green Gecko journey began on the streets of Siem Reap as Kim Suan shares her story.
Learn about Cambodia’s recent history under the Khmer Rouge and some of the social issues facing Cambodia today. See how the Gecko kids and families are turning their lives around in this inspiring story.

Green Gecko provides security, education, love and opportunities to these children through their formative years and into their adult lives, empowering them to achieve their full potential.

The project also supports the children’s families and the broader community through long term health,education and training initiatives.

Statement of purpose


A sustainable and improved future for the community of Siem Reap, Cambodia, through the implementation of sustainability programs and projects for orphans, vulnerable children and their families. This will be achieved with our assistance in diverse educational programs teaching self sufficiency and developing self esteem through:


  • food production
  • developing and growing micro-business
  • building and construction
  • health and sex education
  • literacy and numeracy skills

RFC is a registered charity. All donations over $2 are tax deductable.

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